The Controversial Common Core

Dated: 07/15/2014

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I am writing tonight's blog after a week filled with varying emotions: empowerment, defeat, frustration, reward, hope.  What a combination.  Tonight I would like to reiterate some real background about the people that are fighting for our children. We have no funding, we have no sponsors and we have no ulterior motives.  The drive and the concern stems from the desire to protect our children from the worst attempt at education reforms we have seen in the history of our country.  We are not just white suburban soccer moms. We come from different backgrounds, races, religions and political parties.  Some are financially well off, some are not.  We represent almost every profession that you can think of.  We are men and women, mothers and fathers, grandparents and more.  Regarding this issue, we are one.

Certain media outlets have recently felt the need to portray some of us as a group of tea party moms who are not happy.  This portrayal is about as far from the truth as you can get.  Be very wary of your media sources.  Note, for example, that NBC is funded by the Gates Foundation....interesting.  We speak the truth and present the facts and when we speak out for children we do not use scripted, predetermined words like I have seen in some recent news articles.  We join together in this grassroots movement to protect the data privacy of our children, to protect the educational rights of our children, to protect them from a developmentally inappropriate curriculum, to protect them from a set of educational standards that is not acceptable, to protect them from excessive high stakes testing and more.  We are extremely educated about the history of where these reforms came from.  
I think it is safe to say that nobody wants to see students succumb to a descending curriculum, a descending set of skills. What angered me most recently were Arne Duncan's comments regarding students with special needs. He stated,  "We know that when students with disabilities are held to high expectations and have access to a robust curriculum, they excel."  I think Mr. Duncan requires an education about special education.  It would seem to me that students with special needs ARE special needs because they are unable or have trouble meeting the usual, regular expectations.   That's another blog in of itself.
My message is this---Do your research and you will see that these reforms were not created by educators,  they were not created with the best interests of children in mind.  There are other existing standards that need to be looked at--they were pushed to the side several years ago while the Common Core was still being developed. Listen to people like Sandra Stotsky, James Milgram, Diane Ravitch, Carol Burris.  Speak up for your children, you are their only voice, you are in charge of your children and their education.  Not Arne Duncan, not Bill Gates, not John King, to name just a few.
Remaining silent is a disservice to all the children in our nation.  It shouldn't matter if you have school-age children, adult children or no children at all.  Children are the future of our country.  Like I've said time and time again, don't fail the children... don't let this country fail our children.  
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